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Kitchen Designers in NJ
Cabinet Kitchen Design Services

The kitchen is the heartbeat of your home.

There is a design alchemy for the elements involved in creating a perfect mix of functionality and beauty to form a space that works for you and your family.  

Whether you are planning a new build or considering a renovation of your existing kitchen and cabinetry, working with a designer will take the headache out of designing this essential space in your home.


What sets a great kitchen apart?

  • Flow & Ease of Use

  • Inviting Seating

  • Durability of Materials

  • Ample Storage

  • Lighting that sparkles

  • A Touch of the Unexpected

Why hire us?

We want your kitchen to be extraordinary, that is why we work with a Michelin-Star trained chef to ensure that each kitchen is efficient, functional and exceptional.

We have worked on dozens of kitchens, creating custom cabinetry, adding specialty lighting and storage and finally picking the cabinet hardware, or jewelry as we like to call it, to bring it all together. 

 My simple advice is to start at the beginning.  Be sure you are working to create the space that you really want, and your investment will be all the more worthwhile.

~Heather McKeown

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